Social Networking or Secret Stalking

Posted: February 22, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

According to an article by CNN correspondent Doug Gross, Facebook has launched a brand new App called the “Breakup Notifier”. This application, designed for the creepiest of stalkers, allows Facebook users to choose which of their friend’s relationships they’d like to track. Therefore when your secret crush’s relationship is on the rocks, you’ll know exactly when to make your move. Facebook will notify its users of various changes in the relationship of your choosing. So when your best friend changes their relationship status to single for the third time this month, you can plan for the inevitable barrage of tears. So is this stalking or a completely acceptable part of social networking? I’m sure all of us have taken part in some harmless Facebook stalking, but is this too far? Facebook describes its new online peephole with such ease. Simply stating,

You like someone. They’re in a relationship. Be the first to know when they’re out of it’

However, Facebook and other tech sites are anticipating this new app to be wildly popular. Not just because it makes stalking that much easier, but because its made public what people have already been doing. Facebook has also added “civil union” and “domestic partnership” to the list of potential relationships. I suppose there’s a small silver lining with the creation of the “Breakup Notifier”. Maybe people will be more careful about what they post on the Internet.


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