Gaga’s Egg-cellent Grammy Entrance

Posted: February 20, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

When it comes to Lady Gaga the outrageous and bizarre are her ideals of normal. At this years Grammy’s everyone waited to see what Gaga would do next and she certainly didn’t disappoint when she arrived concealed in a giant egg, which had to be carried in by four of her attendants. She remained inside the egg for 3 hours prior to her performance where she “hatched” on stage to perform her new single “Born This Way.” Now if arriving in an egg supplied with oxygen doesn’t seem crazy enough Gaga also had numerous wardrobe changes throughout the evening including a black armor like ensemble and another outfit, which included creating a fake mold to make her shoulder appear pointy. Gaga has definitely left her mark on the Grammy’s whether you think you she is brilliant or just downright crazy . This year she certainly outdid herself, which leaves you with the question how will she top that?


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