The Reality

Posted: February 17, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

I recently had a phone comversation with my friend nick who was clearly (CLEARLY) under the influence of marijuana. So, being the sober one, I decided to take the phone call as a research opportunity, and began to ask Nick questions about his perspective on various things; I.e. Baseball, girls, sex, the meaning of life. I must say that this conversation was kind of an eye opening one, and I just had the urge to blog about it. My entire perspective on the conversation was that the kid was on drugs and there was no possible way that I could possibly find any credibility in what he was saying. I then started to realize that maybe I’m wrong, and maybe THC is just the key that unlocks many different ideas that I can’t possibly access when I’m sober. Nonetheless, there was one thing that he said to me that really changed the entire dynamic of the conversation. He knows that I have always been one to deny and doubt everything that was going on around me. He said to me “What’s the point of doubting reality when all that your five senses can fathom is what your reality must be.?” He is absolutely rght. Drugs may be able to alter what you find as reality, but from a sober perpective, anything you experience; ever, is your take on life. So why doubt? take it all in and enjoy. Life’s not that bad.

Be easy, bloggers


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