Egypt turns off Internet

Posted: February 17, 2011 by kjmessina in Uncategorized

The Internet was a powerful tool in helping opposition to revolt in Egypt; it played vital roles in communicating as well as spreading awareness and involvement. On January 28th, shortly after midnight, the government stopped all connections to the Internet- over 20 million people. To do this, technological experts actually cut off international traffic to Egypt through tiny portals. It was completely out for five days.

This has raised concerns about the capabilities of other autocratic governments in the Middle East. Do they actually have control over the liberty to access the Internet? In an age of such global Internet usage, having this capability would be like severing their people’s ties to the outside world.

Egypt is now not only experiencing internal commotion but also lingering slowdowns and issues connecting to the rest of the world, thanks to one five-day shutdown. Link to article in NY Times here.


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