College Partying

Posted: February 16, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

Marist College has never been known for the “party” scene. Rather, students tend to associate with the local bar scene. Some of the bars that you Marist students may know: The Mad Hatter, Backstreet, Renny’s, The Loft, Sully O’Mally’s, and Amir’s. It’s weird to be writing this post, because the majority of college students are underaged, and the majority of that majority tend to get absolutely plastered on a weekly basis. I just have a question for the general public. Why is it that our weekend festivities constantly evolved alcohol? I’m not saying that I have a problem with it, I enjoy partying myself, however, I want to investigate why American Friday and Saturday night culture has turned into “Get Freaky Friday” and “Stay Sloppy Saturday.” Why aren’t we all being good mature men and women and staying in with our girlfriends and boyfriends and watching movies? Alcohol has seemed to engulf the weekend. Why do you bloggers think that Alcohol has become such an important part of culture?


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