Albert Pujols and the Cardinals

Posted: February 16, 2011 by meganberrian in Uncategorized

Albert Pujols is the face of the St. Louis Cardinals, but he may not be a Cardinal forever. Pujols’ contract ends after this season and according to an article on, Pujols and the Cardinals are not close to a contact extension agreement and Pujols does not want any contract negotiations to take place during the season so he can focus on playing. If a deal is made Pujols will most likely be one of the highest players in baseball. A lot of people are saying he deserves it, because he is younger than A-Rod was when he made his ten year, $275 million contract, and his statistics are comparable to A-Rod’s. Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa said Pujols may be pushing for this big deal to “set the bar”. He also said that he will be focusing on preparing the team and not worrying about the Pujols situation. Pujols has said he wants to be a Cardinal for his whole career, but we will see where he ends up.


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