Man Vs. Computer

Posted: February 15, 2011 by clgiblin in Uncategorized

On February 14, 2011 Jeopardy! aired the first of a three-day matchup between man and machine. Jeopardy! champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter faced off against IBM’s computer Watson. Ken Jennings and Watson are tied in first place at $5,000 and Ken Jennings is in third with $2,000. Watson, named after IBM’s founder Thomas J. Watson, was created as part of a DeepQA research project. Jeopardy! is a test of Watson’s abilities. The winner of the match will be awarded $1 millon, second place gets $300,000, and third place $200,000. IBM said it would be giving its winnings to charity while the other two champions said they would give away half. Seeing a computer do so well in a game of twists and turns can be a scary thought. Since humans created Watson, if it wins, does this still mean humanity wins?


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