TV Programs with no end

Posted: February 10, 2011 by emreale in Uncategorized

Do you ever get annoyed with those few television programs that have you watch every week yet never reveal the big secret? I know a few shows based around this type of plot which really get me annoyed. A few years ago, there was a show called ‘High School Reunion’ where one of their classmates was murdered. The whole show was a detective questioning each student what they knew about this dead fellow classmate. Basically, the show just ran in circles and never ended.

One of my current favorite shows is on ABC Family-Pretty Little Liars. At first I was so interested and intrigued since the girls had so many secrets about one another about the death of their friend, Alison. Now that the show is on the second season with not even a remote close answer as to who killed her, I am getting quite frustrated. The show is just running around in circles, divulging bits and pieces of pretty much useless information just to get the audience’s attention. I wish they could just say who did it and then end it but I still am so addicted to the show. I probably will never find out who killed Alison or who this “A” character is, but I will still be watching every moment.


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