What are we doing with our messages?

Posted: February 9, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

This blog post is nothing more than a bit of  food for thought. Have you ever thought twice about the information that you take in on an average day at school? The truth is, yes, the messages that you recieve in a collegiate environment are some of the most important messages you will ever come across in your life. But, we may be looking at the importance of these messages in the wrong paradigm. The literal way of interpreting a new piece of knowledge that we learn every day may cause us to think subconsciously “This will help me dearly with my job or profession soon.” When the importance of knowing the knowledge now is much more important to the person on a social level as opposed to a business level. Being the genious hipster Communication Major, Spanish/Philosophy Minor that I am, I decided to merely observe a conversation between two of my best friends and peers in multiple circumstances. If you were to do the same, EVERY single solitary comment that anyone will make will involve something that they have heard in the media, or be a pop culture reference. You will often see friends telling other friends to “go to youtube” so that they can show one another videos. Or you may hear them tell another friend to google a topic which they will then share their opinions about. While they were talking, they were smoking cigarettes and arguing about why they chose Marlboro 27’s over Camel No. 9’s. Media is actually what is keeping the world running because it is controling the way we live and the things that we are talking about NOW; not just for our lives in the future. I challenge the reader of this article to not make a pop culture reference or a news reference all day for one day and see how far they go. This means not listening to music, talking about Conan O’Brien, or the Jersey Shore for one day. It’s harder than you think, because media is all you ever think about anymore. I’m definitely going to do a study on this and write a paper so for any who are interested, I will most likely attach a research paper in a couple of weeks.

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