Facebook firing test case settled out of court

Posted: February 8, 2011 by slombardi2 in Uncategorized

Facebook has been the cause of many controversies, both legal and non legal. A case where an employer from a Connecticut ambulance service was fired because she was saying negative things on facebook about her boss was recently settled. National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint again American Medical Response of Connecticut over the firing and their internet policies. NLRB stated that AMR’s internet policy contained unlawful provisions and AMR said it would revise its policy so it didn’t “improperly restrict” employers from talking about their work to others. 

Many jobs will fire employees from posting negative pictures on Facebook and are now trying to fire them for negative comments they write. This sends a message to society that everyone is looking on Facebook and reading comments. Many think that what their posting can’t and won’t be read by a lot of people, but it is. It shows us


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