Advertisements – Do We See Them?

Posted: February 8, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

Other than the famously comical Super Bowl commercials, do we as media consumers actually consume the outrageously expensive advertisements that come our way? Advertisements are literally almost everywhere we go. They are on television, radio, trains, newspapers, magazines, etc.  Often, we do not even notice their existence. Yes on TV we will probably sit through some commercials here and there, but often times, we will change the channel just to avoid the wasted time in watching an ad (once again with an exception to the Super Bowl). If your reading the newspaper, how many times will you actually take the time to glance at an ad and actually think about it?

Advertisements are there to influence media consumers. They are created and paid for by companies in an attempt to lure in more customers and ultimately attain more revenue. But do they really have an influence on you? To some degree I suppose if you are hungry and you see a Dominos ad late at night, you might occasionally order a pizza. But most of the time you will ignore commercials and advertisements all together.

I suppose that if the advertisements were not making the company back some money, there would not be a market for them at all. Maybe the advertisements influence our sub conscience which later influences our decisions. I suppose thats a totally different topic for discussion.


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