Was the Eminem-starring, Detroit-boosting Chrysler ad the best or worst Superbowl ad?

Posted: February 7, 2011 by Kevin M. Lerner in Uncategorized

The crowd in the room where I was watching the Superbowl felt that the Chrysler Superbowl commercial, which was a record two minutes long (and therefore inordinately expensive) was pretty successful at . But does that mean it was good?

John Swansburg, a critic at Slate, named it the night’s best commercial.

But at Mother Jones magazine, Adam Weinstein called it deplorable “poverty porn.”

So which is it? Is it both? Is it just a really well-made commercial that has godawful politics? Do politics matter when it comes to selling cars?

Bonus question: was the Groupon ad featuring Tibet more or less awful than the Chrysler’s Detroit ad?

  1. wordoflegs says:

    To be honest I was doing homework for the majority of the game, and I do not really watch the Super Bowl for the commercial. That being said, I did not see the Chrysler commercial, that is until I clicked the link on your post. I enjoyed it very much. I thought it was both good and effective. I feel as though it was indicative of the whole United States motor industry, and I feel like it helped that Eminem was it it too. Great commercial!!

  2. mars2thebars says:

    My reply to this is going to be a very biased one, so I needed to give a forwarning. my friends and I watched every minute of the football game, (including the mediacore AT BEST halftime show.) And from what I can say, people would go up to get food DURING the game and be seated and glued to the television for the commercials. It may just be because myself and all of my friends are Eminem fans, but the Eminem commercial was probably the best one. In the commercial, Eminem says “That’s why I don’t do commercials.” The fact that I can recall that proves that it was a good commercial.

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