Rapid, Vapid America

Posted: February 7, 2011 by lexx45 in Uncategorized

Wanna Lose 15 lbs in 10 Seconds? Click Here NOW! Yea, there’s a reason that link didn’t work, because it’s impossible. For those of you who clicked on the ad or found yourself in a similar situation, my question to you is Why? Why are we so obsessed with getting everything we want right now? Now I myself am no saint when it comes to these foolish advertisements. There have been several situations where I find myself tempted to click on the incredibly shrinking women to the left of my screen, wondering, “HOW DID SHE DO IT?” In a culture so wrapped up in immediate gratification we have essentially lost the ability to see the beauty in effort. The weight loss industry alone is a 46 billion dollar a year industry that makes their money on telling people they should change. Words like quickly, now, fast, and easy grace almost every weight loss advertisement known to man. But what’s the attraction? I purpose it has nothing to do with the weight and more to do with the idea of doing it, well, quickly. Television shows like The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Fit Club, and Dance Your Ass Off are only a few examples of how a common struggle amongst most Americans has become entertainment; glorifying the ability to lose weight and fast. These shows make extreme weight loss seem tangible, showing a 400 pound man losing all the weight in only 6 short episodes. I always wonder how many people go out and buy gym memberships because, for a brief moment they felt inspired by a television show. Like the people at the gym who watch The Food Network while using the treadmill, and you think to yourself, poor schmuck won’t last a week. I hate to refer to that cheesy inspirational quote usually found on the side of a coffee mug or an overly optimistic poster, but happiness really is “a journey, not a destination.”


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