Winter Weather Causes 6 Injuries at Cowboys Stadium

Posted: February 5, 2011 by fmed77 in Uncategorized

As the Superbowl rapidly approaches, this current batch of winter weather has caused 6 injuries in Texas at Cowboys Stadium. Ice sitting on the roof of the stadium slid off and fell onto the people standing below on Friday afternoon as the sun began melting the snow and ice that just recently hit Arlington, Texas. This news has shocked and saddened locals as well as fans and viewers on a national level, as this was an unnecessary accident.

Unlike New York, Texas is not used to this kind of winter weather. As we have here in the northeast, they too have been hit with an inordinate amount of snow in such a short amount of time now that we are only one full month and a few days into 2011. Not only is it frustrating to Texans preparing for the upcoming Superbowl event tomorrow evening, but the amount of snow that has hit the state has caused hundreds of crashes, including some fatal ones, as well as other hazardous travel.

The latest storm from earlier in the week has affected states from the south, all the way up here in the northeast as it moved across the country. Below freezing temperatures spanning from Texas to New York, which is preventing any of the snow and ice from melting, are causing anger and frustration as there is barely any time to recover between storms.

You really have to laugh when reading this report in the Farmer’s Almanac that predicted a kinder and gentler winter in 2011. Exactly the opposite has occurred, and with spring at least another 6 weeks off, one has to wonder if all we have to look forward to is the same kind of harsh and sudden influx of snow and ice storms until the 21st of March. Although it will be here sooner than we think, for now, it feels like spring can’t come soon enough.


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