Marvel VS. Capcom 3

Posted: February 4, 2011 by SConnor in Uncategorized

Do you remember playing in the arcade when you were younger? I do. One of my favorite games to waste quarters on was Marvel vs. Capcom. It was a fighting game with many characters to choose from. You would have 3 characters on each team and you would fight other teams of 3 in battles to the death, oh glory! Along the way came Marvel vs. capcom 2 which I did not get to play since at that time I did not have the console for it. Now with the new generation of this game comes Marvel VS. Capcom 3. I am excited for this future purchase that I know I will get. With the game comes exciting new features, graphics and characters. Gamers, I am happy to say a good fighting game is coming out again! The release date for this game is February 15th. Get you $65.00 savings up and keep it for the arrival of this intense fighting game and enjoy playing it as you used to in the arcade room!


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