Does Facebook affect your GPA?

Posted: February 4, 2011 by kjmessina in Uncategorized

There have been numerous arguments over whether college students’ use of social networking is affecting their GPA. According to some research, people spend more time on Facebook (the largest social networking site in the world) than any other site. In fact, on average, Facebook gets triple the time that Google gets. It goes without saying that some people spend a lot more time on Facebook than they spend studying. But the question of whether use of Facebook actually hurts one’s GPA remains. I did a study back in the fall and I found that the two variables actually aren’t related. The University of New Hampshire found something similar in a study. But other studies by other universities and institutions, such as Time Magazine, have studied this too and found that Facebook does hurt grades. These studies were conducted by taking a random sample of students and analyzing their GPA, amount of time on Facebook and other variables. I’ve come to the conclusion that it simply depends. Students can spend their whole day on Facebook, but the question is whether they will do their homework at the end of the day.


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