IPhone: Verizon vs. AT&T

Posted: February 3, 2011 by chaas8191 in Uncategorized

In the next seven days, Verizon will be adding the IPhone to its repertoire of smart phones.  People who have tried the Verizon IPhone have had excellent service: there have been no dropped calls but they have experiences some poor call quality.  However, as stated in the article, “Though not every call was crystal clear — this is a cellphone, after all.”

Since 2007, Apple has sold over 80 million IPhones and sales in the last quarter topped 16.2 million.  However, there are two downfalls with the Smartphones: there is no flash player for videos on the web and the battery can’t be removed.

The article also includes an important disclaimer: “It’s impossible to judge network quality based on a relatively short testing period and in a confined, albeit major, geographic market. Not to mention what happens if throngs of new iPhone buyers suddenly pile onto Verizon’s network. But Verizon publicly stated that it has been bracing for the expected blitz of iPhone customers for a while and is confident its network will handle the demand.”

Having had an IPhone for two years before switching to Verizon, I am happy that the IPhone has finally come to Verizon.  Although I will have to wait almost two years before I am eligible for an upgrade, it is nice to know that the familiarity of my IPhone is no longer out of reach forever.


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