The inspiring domino effect

Posted: February 1, 2011 by wordoflegs in Uncategorized

The day that was to inspire revolutions everywhere started on December 18th. The citizens of Tunisian–tired of high unemployment, inflation of agriculture, corruption, lack of free speech, and overall poor living conditions—started to protest, ultimately driving their President Zin El Abidine Ben Ali–who served as president for 28 years–out of Tunisian and into Saudi Arabia. Then around a month after the events in Tunisian started we are witnessing the same thing in Egypt for largly the same reasons we saw in Tusania. These events are exposing passion–and showing the precaution of other countries–all around the world. This situation puts a country like the Untided States in a delicate situation. The Egyptina governmentt that precedded these events, is one which the United States would give $1.3 billion in miltary aid and $815 million in social aid. Conversly, the United States seemingly is a nation that supports–primarily becasue it was built on–the passion of change, and revolution. Edward Walker, a United States Ambassador to Egypt from 1994 to 1998 had this to say about the US aid given to Egypt

“Aid offers an easy way out for Egypt to avoid reform,” says Edward Walker, the US ambassador to Egypt from 1994 to 1998. “They use the money to support antiquated programs and to resist reforms.”

However, this is a communication class, so I will employ some aspects of communication. In these events we are also seeing the censorship, and potential fear, that other nations feel. For example, out of fear the Chinese citizens would be influecned by these uprising, blocked the word Egypt from their internet searches.


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