Presented Biased From…

Posted: February 1, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

It should be no surprise that news distribution media such as newspapers, television and even radio stations present information in different ways based on the known political bias associated with that company.  For example, who doesn’t know that Fox News is a conservative based television station?  Or that The New York Times newspaper doesn’t skew information based on a predetermined liberal agenda? Anyone who follows one particular source of news must be aware of the biases associated with the information presented. One could argue that in order to get the “truth” out of the media, he or she would have to obtain news information from an array of media sources. However, one could counter said argument and state that the message received is dependent on the person who is receiving it. For example, if a conservative thinking person watches CNN (a liberal media station), the message he or she will get out of that station will be vastly different compared to a liberal thinking person. So I pose a question in this regard. Does it even matter what television news station or newspaper we obtain our news from? Or do our own political biases shape the message that we truly hear?

Though, I should note that not everyone has strong political opinions and therefore the message that they receive will certainly depend on the agenda of the sender. In this case, intuitive interpretations from various news media would be necessary in order to obtain some kind of truth and actuality to the news being presented. It is also important to understand that the facts presented may not differ from station to station; however, the ultimate focus of the presentation will depend on the political bias. For example, Fox News may insinuate that President Obama is failing since the unemployment rate is still hovering around 9%. But, CNN may say that Obama is the right man for the job since the stock markets have recovered significantly and banks are beginning to lend more. Both of those facts are correct but what we hear will depend on where it comes from.

The idea to take away from this is that the truth is not always blatantly obvious when it comes to news reports. Rather, the truth is disguised and is hidden behind politically biased corporations with not so hidden agendas.


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