Egypt Cut Off From World?

Posted: February 1, 2011 by clgiblin in Uncategorized

Cellphones and computers have been a part of everyday life for years. We have been relying on them for communicating, entertaining, and gathering information. With all of the things we do with our cell phones and computers it is almost impossible to imagine cell phone service and Internet access being cut off.  On January 28, the government in Egypt cut off nearly all of the access to the network and shut down cell phone service. It is common to hear of the government monitoring and tracking specific Internet activity, but to shut down most access to the network is a crazy thought. I know whenever I do not have Internet connection or cell phone service for even a few hours I freak out. Knowing that the government has the capability to do this is a scary and threatening thought not only for social life, but for businesses too. Is this shut down going to cause businesses in Egypt to fall behind on their work?


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