The Dreaded Stairs

Posted: January 27, 2011 by agander in Uncategorized

In today’s society if given the option between taking an escalator or a set of stairs the majority of the people are more inclined to choose the escalator. This shows just how lazy people have become. A recent study was done and showed that when someone was given the option of taking an escalator or a set of stairs 97% of people choose the escalator. A group of engineers got together to figure out a way to encourage people to take the stairs. They came up with a fun and  creative solution which involved turning the stairs into a piano. Recently a video was posted on youtube showing the engineers creation and the reaction of the people once they realized what had happened to the stairs. As a result the percentages were reversed with 66% of people now taking the stairs. It poses the question if you simply make healthier options more entertaining and enticing will people be more likely to choose it?


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