Spin Zone

Posted: January 27, 2011 by danieljtorres in Uncategorized
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Like a number of Americans I sat at my television and watched the State of the Union address Tuesday night. I thought the President did a very nice job. It seems clear to me that he is taking on a real Clinton type approach to governing after the Democrats lost the House only two plus months ago. In my opinion his speech was a bit left of center, but certainly he was in the ballpark of center. I thought it was even more interesting to watch the Republican response and then the Tea Party response which followed directly after. Upon hearing both speeches I had to wonder if any of them had truly heard what the President had just uttered only moments before.

I pride myself in trying to watch an entire speech instead of just the sound bites that numerous media outlets have played ever since. After all three speeches ended I turned on MSNBC and heard Rachel Maddow break down the night. I then went to FOX and heard what they had to say and then I finally ended the night on CNN for a third take. I even traveled to my laptop and read a story off of Politico and Yahoo as well.

With so many media outlets it appeared everyone was telling me a different story about the event I just witnessed. I wonder what this actually does to our country. Not every American can sit and watch he news from multiple media outlets. Is it even ok that pundits like Maddow or Beck can have such different takes on events? The answer is yes, since Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine pundits are allowed to really do and say almost anything they want. It seems clear that people also enjoy this. CNN, a network that prides itself in trying to be in the middle of conservative leaning FOX and liberal leaning MSNBC has never had lower ratings. People have opted to listen to others that agree with them and I wonder what the effects of this are.


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