Your Mom Hates This

Posted: January 26, 2011 by SConnor in Uncategorized

I’d first like to start off stating that I am a gamer. I love to play video games, especially the violent and gory ones. The new video game that came out for consoles recently is one called “Dead Space 2”. It is a game based in the future about a mutation of humans turning into a creature called a “Necromorph”. These creatures main objective is to pretty much kill you in the most violent approach, by either stabbing you plenty of times for no apparent reason or completely tearing you body apart by tearing off your limbs. The video game was advertised on T.V. with the main website called I thought to myself, why would they name it that specifically like it was a stereotype which is pretty much what they just did. Do all mom’s hate Dead Space 2? Not necessarily if you ask me, but I would agree that a majority of them would. I found a post from someone who brought up a good point. But you know what.

Moms are gamers too. And yes, we even play violent horror games.

So a form of entertainment, I believe this game will make great sales being that there are a lot of gamers who play shooting games and like gory stuff that gives you a jolt of fear when the monsters pop out of walls or wherever they come from to attempt to scare you. But besides the stereotype they did about “Moms hating the game”, they didn’t do anything wrong about the game besides that.

  1. zipperdog says:

    I recently saw the commercial. It doesn’t really make sense as if moms didn’t like this game why would they buy it for their children?

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