GOpad a good or bad thing?

Posted: January 26, 2011 by chaas8191 in Uncategorized

The GOpad was released and now allows gamers to get a quick fix whenever they want or wherever they are. The portable and compact gaming console is a USB port that can be hooked up to a computer and allow the owners to get their game fix on when they feel like it.  This device is hooked up to the computer and then acts as the controller for the game like on a gaming system.  The device is tiny and can fit in your pocket or purse without taking up too much room.  Also, the GOpad has a retractable USB cable so you can select how much cable you need to play your game of choice.  According to USA Today newspaper:

Available in black, the clamshell controller features a two-axis directional pad, four action buttons, four shoulder buttons and a turbo button. ION says the GOpad is compatible with most arcade-style games and included a PC version of Atari’sAsteroids to get you started on CD-ROM.

When this product is released at the end of January retailers estimate that it will sell for under $20.00.

Seeing this article in the newspaper made me stop to think about how influenced our society is today by gaming software and technology.  It seems that everywhere we turn there is some new innovation in technology that is supposed to make our lives easier or better.  However, if everything in our lives is controlled by technology, how are we supposed to be able to get rest or peace and quiet when our cell phones are going off constantly with text messages or emails? How are we supposed to be able to focus on our work when Facebook is on the internet distracting us from what is important? It seems as though in today’s society, that people are relying solely on technology to make their lives better.  For one day wouldn’t it be nice to simply shut out all distractions, shut off all sources of stress and just take a deep breath and relax?


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