American Idol: State of Delusion

Posted: January 26, 2011 by fmed77 in Uncategorized

Now in its tenth season, American Idol is still drawing in thousands and thousands of aspiring singers hoping to land their big break. The problem is that many of them are convinced that they can not only sing, but that they will in fact win American Idol, and be the next big thing in the pop culture stratosphere.

When I first watched American Idol, really watched it (about 4 or 5 years ago), I was sure that the freaky, screechy dreamers were a plant by the producers; a planned shill to garner ratings and attention. But now I have come to realize that many are just caught up in their own delusions (or…dreams), and either no one has told them the truth, or they have ignored any criticism that has previously come their way. When the judges give them the hard truth, either they act completely shocked (and utter something along the lines of “no one has ever said that to me before!”) or they get angry and storm out of the room like first class divas.

Many things have changed in this current season, including new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joining the panel. Another significant difference is the producers have, thankfully, decided to focus less on the horribly off-key and unusual auditioners and instead are paying more attention to the real talent that have walked through the studio doors. It’s difficult to say whether this new approach, or the new judges themselves, are the cause of a ratings decline this season, but at least the attention has now been placed on the more important draw: the people who can really sing.



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