The ZeitGeist

Posted: January 25, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

In this post, I would like to address a movie that comes out tonight by the name of “ZeitGeist.” This is a new-age, three film series regarding a new way of living. In association with The Venus Project, The ZeitGeist proposes a new way of living; one without money or any form of monetary use. Now, I’m sure you (the reader of this blog post) immediately thought of Communism as the associative ideal. In fact, it is not. Communism by definition is a practice of democratic equality in conjunction with the use of a monetary system. The ZeitGeist proposal is one of conjunctive community service and the helping of one another in our professional fields and a sense of working together. It is a philosophical AND logical experience which fully explains every idea in the world, including religion, politics, and socialism, and proves why organizations, corporations, and the debt that they impose on society are complete and absolute falsities. For instance, the idea of debt is nothing more than a political plot; a scam generated by politicians themselves. “When the government needs money, it asks the federal reserve for the money in terms of “credits” and said credits can be and are essentially generated out of thin air. These credits are subsequentlythrown into the U.S. monetary system and eventually OWED to someone else. only three percent of the U.S. money is in the form of tangible notes. The rest is all electronic. From this pattern you can see that if there was no debt,


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