Video games are good for you (says who?)

Posted: January 24, 2011 by Kevin M. Lerner in Uncategorized

This article in Slate summarizes the argument of a woman named Jane McGonigal (who I believe is a professor at Hogwarts, no?) who says that we can harness the energy we spend playing video games to do good in the world.

This argument foreshadows the book by Steven Johnson that we’ll be reading later in the semester, but there’s no reason not to start thinking about it now. Besides, the Slate article, by Michael Agger, has a cute/annoying conceit.

  1. mars2thebars says:

    Just some food for thought- I once read something saying that people who play violent video games are those who are most likely to not become harmful people. The article that I randomly stumbled upon stated that all of the anger and rage and temptation that builds up inside of people, (yes it happens to all of us) is actually exerted from the body when one commits electronic crimes.

    I’ll try to find the article again, this was from years ago

  2. wordoflegs says:

    I do not believe that video games have a negative effect of children. What I feel to be even more dangerous than the games is the amount the children play the games. Video games, although I have never truly been a fan, have many benefits, for example, there was a professor at Nottingham University who conducted a survey stating that children–who were diagnosed with attention deficit disorder– who partook in a moderate amount of video games, conditions actually improved. Video games can also help with hand-eye coordination, and may even evoke creativity in a child. Nevertheless, for the 100 children who end up fine, we are always going to be told the story of the one child who acted out what he saw in a game.

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