Oprah & Larry Gone, now Regis

Posted: January 24, 2011 by kellyrachael in Uncategorized

It’s now considered old news that Oprah and Larry King have retired from their famous positions of power on talk-show television. They have been two of the strongest voices throughout the past decade, and although they will be continuing other projects, their voices will be missed. The recent news that Regis Philbin is leaving his long standing run on daytime television came at somewhat of a shock. So now that these influential leaders are departing from their roles, I ask the question, “Who do you think would be best fit to replace Regis in his morning talk show?”

  1. KLerner says:

    Actually, it makes me wonder not who should replace Regis, but whether or not that professor I mentioned in class is correct, and if TV is, indeed, dead.

    Do you really care about Regis? I’m not saying that to doubt you, but is an institution like Live with Regis and Whomever really going to be a part of the life of someone who is 18–22 right now?

  2. fmed77 says:

    I’ve heard that Anderson Cooper has been tapped to be Regis’ replacement, but to me, that’s not such a good idea. Anderson does “hard news” and I think if he were to fill Regis’ seat, it would take away from the seriousness of his CNN job. Not to say that he can’t do both, but I think he should value that part of his reputation more and keep people focused on his role as a news desk anchor and not become someone who just talks about current events and chats up celebrities.

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