Jersey Shore

Posted: January 24, 2011 by meganberrian in Uncategorized

Everyone has heard of “Jersey Shore,” of course. Most people call it trashy, and they are basically right. The show is all about sex and drinking. In every episode someone brings home a random person and Snooki is always drunk; in one of the most recent episodes she was arrested for public intoxication. The stars of the show are the type of people that mostly everyone considers obnoxious. But even with the bad reputation the show has, it stays on the air. It’s actually MTV’s most popular show ever. Maybe people are interested in the drama of the show; there’s always something happening on the show. Better yet, maybe “Jersey Shore” just makes everyone feel better about themselves. Even after this show is over, which should be soon because some of the cast are getting a little old, people will still look for the next ridiculously pointless show to watch.

  1. warsun15 says:

    Jersey Shore is definitely one of the most pointless shows ever. I think it’s a complete waste of money to pay people to drink and tan on tv. It’s on so often and as i, channel surfing I sometimes happen to pass it and I just shake my head.

  2. Jake A says:

    I personally hate this show all that is has done. I really can’t think of something I would rather watch than this garbage. That being said, I wouldn’t tell someone how to spend their free time even if it means feeding into this over bloated ridiculousness. I just wish more people were aware of the fact they are making these idiots rich by endorsing and watching the show.

  3. MikeNic says:

    I agree that “Jersey Shore” is a trashy show and that sets terrible examples for younger viewers who watch the show. However, I do not understand people’s anger and frustration towards MTV. The show provides the network with an incredible amount of ad money which is due to all the views who watch the show. I believe that it is up to us, the viewers to end the show’s popularity.

  4. mars2thebars says:

    It’s ALWAYS up to the populous!

  5. aredd91 says:

    I agree with everyone’s view on the “Jersey Shore” however if so many people disagree with the shows obnoxious behavior then how is it one of the most popular and well known shows? Obviously I do not admire any of the characters portrayed on the show but as much as I hate to admit it I do watch the show and almost everyone I know does despite hating the whole concept. Although some can view it as degrading and completely pointless there are so many catch phrases and lingo that were invented thanks to the MTV hit. So although I do think the show is stupid I have to say whoever came up with the idea is a genius.

  6. gcarn21 says:

    I remember when Jersey Shore first debuted on MTV, my entire hometown was outraged at the idea of our region (Oceanport, NJ), being represented by the characters of the show. Because most of them are not even residents of New Jersey’s shore, many people from Jersey were annoyed by this false representation. Although at first I was against the concept of the show, I admit it has grown on me and I do find myself watching episodes. I am still bothered by some of the overused catch phrases and new found idea that anyone from NJ fistpumps and tans, but I must give credit to the directors, producers, and characters for swaying most of America’s initial opinion of the show.

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