Facebook: A Strange Addiction

Posted: January 24, 2011 by jbianchi23 in Uncategorized

Literally almost everyone is on Facebook. Most (probably all) of your friends, siblings, parents, relatives, even some of the technologically savvy grandparents. For so many people to have flocked to ONE social network website to stay connected, it is not surprising that this company is estimated to be worth around $50 billion when it will go public in the Spring.  But why do so many people use this website?  Or more importantly, why are so many people addicted to this social networking website? When your sitting in class and say maybe five students brought their laptops – if you look at any of those five screens throughout the course of a class, odds are that you will see them on Facebook.

Maybe this is not a problem in nature.  However, many people are unaware that their privacy is at risk. Facebook has been known to sell personal user data to third party companies so that said companies can use that information to advertise specifically to you. In other words, target marketing.  Facebook has been caught doing this on numerous occasions by The Wall Street Journal and other media sources.  The Wall Street Journal has been analyzing whether or not this practice is fair, safe, ethical or even legal.  How do you feel knowing that your Facebook addiction and habits actually prompt third party companies to advertise and push their product or service tn you directly?  Does everyone know that anything/everything you say or put on Facebook is public information – regardless of the so-called “privacy settings?”  I suppose the main question should be: do people truly and fully understand this business giant known as Facebook?

  1. fmed77 says:

    You make an excellent point here. There are so many people that use Facebook who will post ANYTHING on their wall or their friend’s wall, not realizing that it could possibly come back later to bite them. People think that because they share information with their friends, that only their friends will be able to access it. Many people have lost college and job opportunities because admissions officers and employers will search for their name on Facebook and find what their prospects are posting is not something that they want to be associated with.

  2. Slombardi2 says:

    I also think that you make great points. Everyone is addicted to facebook, i would be lying if i said i didn’t go on it multiple times a day. Facebook is often used to procrastinate and I don’t think people understand the dangers of facebook. Even though it is a great entertainment site, people have to be careful of what they post. Whether its the pictures they reveal or the comments they write on their own profile or others. You never know who is reading the information. I know a lot of people who have cancelled their facebook account because it is getting too public.

  3. I like your post. I think some people are unaware that there information is out there for everyone to see. At the same time though I think people forget that, that isn’t always a bad thing. I use my Facebook mainly for friends, but I also use it for networking as well. I literally have a job that requires the use of Facebook and other social networking sites. Showing people what I can do in such a casual setting helps me when it comes to work.

  4. AJ Ferrioli says:

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