Is Modern Family even modern?

Posted: January 23, 2011 by Kevin M. Lerner in Uncategorized

So, hoity-toity cultural critics love it. Republicans (no fans of elite cultural critics) love it. But what does it mean? Well, the New York Times takes a look at what Modern Family says about modern families.

What say you, COM201ers? Do you even watch?

By the way, here’s the famous, quite chaste, kiss between the two gay characters that is referred to in the article.

  1. kellls says:

    As an avid viewer of Modern Family, this blog intrigued me. After reading the NY Times article, I know see the show in a completely new light. I knew this series was attempting to “update” the older versions of sitcom shows but I did not realize how much they actually did. The “mockumentary” way it is filmed is very unique and adds a certain spin to the show that I feel is crucial. I agree that it gives this sitcom a more reality-show feel, but then again isn’t that was has been successful in this decade? Although the numbers are steadily decreasing for American Idol, it still remains a popular show. The audience likes to feel as though they are a part of what they are watching. When members of this family look directly in the camera after a certain situation it is like they are speaking right to you. Fathers everywhere can relate when Phil flashes a look right after daughter Haley does something provocative.

    Although the writers were trying to convey a “new age” sitcom by adding in numerous technological devices it is somewhat of an overkill. Many parents are still strict about the use of all of these devices say at the dinner table for example. Kids watching this show could watch this and see that this should be considered the norm. Family time needs to be valued and I hope that the day in age where siblings are texting to each other from across the dinner table is far far away.

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