Posted: January 22, 2011 by wordoflegs in Uncategorized

I find it interesting how society and media push the envelope on sexuality. I do not find it terrible wrong, however, for people to show sex on the television. There was a recent study conducted by Rebecca Collins, a researcher at RAND Health, which stated that–while watching shows with sexual conduct may influence sexual behavior in teens–it may have some positive effect. Nevertheless, I believe it is a problem when we start to show children under the age of 18–not to say that I advocate the showing of nudity from an 18+. It seems as though through the years television has pushed the envelope, and made the once socially unacceptable the norm. Though I do not really consider this child pornography–although the law does–I do think that these sorts of issues should be “nipped at the bud” so this too does not become a televised social norm. 

  1. fmed77 says:

    This has become a huge story. So far, Subway, Taco Bell, General Motors, H&R Block and a few others have pulled their advertising from the show citing that placing ads with the show was a mistake. When you google the show (the American version that is), all of the articles about it are related to the fact that people are just too uncomfortable with the show’s message and exploitation of minors. Not to mention that it is violating some laws regarding minors on television. What MTV didn’t realize is what works in the U.K. will not always work in the US. We’re two different countries with different levels of acceptance to these types of issues and clearly in our country we do not want to have this kind of show become a televised social norm.

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