This is all a contradiction…

Posted: January 19, 2011 by mars2thebars in Uncategorized

In my opinion,

It is not important to look at the disagreement between these two articles, but rather, the thing that both of the writers and their texts have in common. In short, by arguing from one persepctive, you might agree with “The End of Cultural Elitism,” stating that the media no longer has any way of setting agendas for American Citizens like us due to the fact that new-age social mediums like facebook allow us to become more philosophical and seem more “bad-ass” because we can voice our own opinions. Meanwhile, Defy the Elite talks about the major coorporations which are in constant control of the thoughts in the world of pop culture; what should be important and what shouldnt. What neither of the authors seem to understand, however, is that in voicing their own opinons about this topic, they are just as guilty of precisely what they are arguing about. They are both the users of a medium trying to instill int he minds of their readers that Agenda Setting is an important issue in the world of media. When, in fact, they are setting agendas themselves; of their readers. In fact, in writing this post in the blog, I am an agenda setter myself, making it seem like my point on the subject matters at all, when it probably doesn’t. a measurement of fame and control power is oddly justified by popularity, and that is society’s reality. Since we choose to absorb coincidentally, the SAME information, the world seems controlled.

But hey, why should you care about what I have to say, anyway?



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